diegetic (in the scene): singing, applause, talking, knock, shooting, fighting sounds, growling, music non diegetic: (added to scene): bang at start, intense music camera shots: mid, over shoulder/behind, long, close up (emotion), mid side, birds eye view camera angles: level, low camera movements: zoom, tracking, tilt, crane, follow midlevel, zoom close up level, behind shot, […]

Within the barriers of a destroyed world a lone car sits, enclosed by the ashes of my life. It waits patiently for the dead light to turn green, but nothing has been green since that day, I don’t even know if it still exists. Beneath this decaying bridge a cold hollow river corrodes the lifeless remains of a once inhabited city. It used […]

The street that was strewn with litter was totally deserted. He who was humming to himself walked down the middle of the street The dark city, that was drowning in the water, died slowly. The citizens, who cried their last words, sunk down with it. the last lights, that reflected the deathly water, died.

Between the barriers a lone car sits, enclosed by the glum fog, waiting patiently for the frozen light to turn green. Beneath the extensively decaying bridge a cold grey river surrounds the remenants of the once inhabited city. Above, lost deep in the clouds of the explosion, a single pig flies in silence upon the building, searching for any sign of life. On the crumbling bridge vigilant soldiers await the unknown, prepared for battle. Within the caged building dust coats the lifeless factory, untouched since the war.

Between the barriers a lone car sits, enclosed by the glum fog, waiting patiently for the frozen light to turn green. Beneath the decaying bridge a cold grey river surrounds the remenants of the once inhabited city. Above, lost in the clouds of the explosion, a single pig flies upon the building searching for any […]

Shuffling down the corridor your heart begins to race. The familiar smell of hairspray lingers around you. You can feel the essence of the audience on the other side of the wall, applauding for the previous number. Every time you have been here you were in that transe. That transe of reciting over and over […]