Act 5, Scene 3 Romeo and Balthasar arrive at the cemetery and head toward the Capulets tomb where Paris and Page are visiting replacing the flowers. Paris and Page spot a torch coming towards them (Romeo and Balthasar) and hide in the darkness to see who the intruders are. Romeo instructs Balthasar to return back […]

Act 5, Scene 2 Friar John goes to Friar Lawrence’s cell to tell him that Romeo didn’t receive the letter about the plan as there was a plague in Mantua, so Friar John wasn’t allowed in and couldn’t deliver the letter. With this information Friar Lawrence must go to the vault to await Juliet’s awakening […]

Act 5, Scene 1 Balthasar visits Romeo to inform him that Juliet is dead. In shock Romeo goes to the Apothecary to get poison so he can kill himself after he sees Juliet’s body. “To Juliet’s grave, for there must I use thee.”

Act 4, scene 4&5 The servants at the Capulets are running round the house on Wednesday morning preparing for the wedding. As Juliet isn’t up yet Capulet sends the Nurse to wake her up. The Nurse tries to wake Juliet and realises she is dead “alas alas! help,help! my lady’s dead!” and alerts the rest […]

Act 4, Scene 2&3 Juliet arrives home from the church and is told the wedding has been moved forward to Wednesday, after pretending to apologise to Capulet. The Nurse and Juliet head to her room to prepare for the marriage the next day. Lady Capulet attempts to join them but Juliet insist that they both […]

Act 4 Scene 1 Friar Lawrence’s plan: Juliet is to go to sleep alone on Wednesday night and drink the potion Friar Lawrence gave her. The potion will slow down her heart rate and make her appear dead with cold, pale skin, the effect will last 42 hours. On Thursday morning the Capulets will see […]

The Capulets ¬†and the nurse are up in Juliet’s room, after Romeo has just left, telling her she will marry Paris that week on Thursday but Juliet refuses this request. Capulet is disgraced at this remark and tells Juliet he wants nothing to do with her if she doesn’t marry Paris on Thursday. ” I […]