act 1 scene 2

Act 1 scene 2

Captulet is talking to Paris about the party he is hosting and Paris asks once again for permission to propose to his daughter. Yet captulet will not allow this action because of juliets young age of only 13 years. Captulet then gives Paris a list of names for the invitations to the dinner party, Paris then sets off to find the servant and tells him to go find the people on the list. But the sevant can’t acctually read so when he bumps into a pair of going men in the street ( romeo and benvolio) he asks ” i pray sir can you read? ” romeo then reads out the letter. And in return ( without knowing that are montagues ) invites them along for the party seeing as though they seem rich. Benvolio then thinks this is  a good chance for Romeo, as his love Roseline will be there “compare her face with some that I shall show and i will make thee think thy swan a crow”.

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