Act 1 Scene 5

Act 1 scene 5

At the Capulets’ party Capulet is welcoming his guests with a speech when tybalt recognises the sound of Romeos voice. He then consults Capulet about the enemy intruding on their non-Montague evening. Tybalt fires up and is ready to get his weapons out when capulet declares he do nothing in order to keep the capulet family out of trouble and the party at peace. As Romeo is snooping round he spots Juliet and immediately decides she is the most stunning woman ever, he catches her in private and proposes for a kiss, “let lips do what hands do”, they kiss. The Nurse interrupts them in disgust, though noticing the charming boy aside Juliet. The Nurse wisks her away only to inform her that Romeo isn’t what she thinks he is “His name is Romeo, and a Montague, The only son of your great enemy”.

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