16th March 2017

Act 2 Scene 2

Act 2 Scene 2

Late sunday evening within the Capulets’ orchard Romeo is talking to himself about Juliet as he sees her shadow from the widows above. When Romeo realises Juliet has appeared on the balcony above he continues his one participant conversation with a whisper aware of his love in hearing lengths away. Juliet, unaware of Romeo below, starts talking about how the one she loves is a Montague, a forbidden love, “’tis but thy name that is my enemy;”. Romeo then interrupts frightening Juliet, they start kissing and talk to each other about how they love one another though Juliet still believes their names, and families forbid the love “art thou not Romeo, and a Montague?”, yet determinedly Romeo convinces her its not a problem to worry about. The Nurse interrupts them by calling for Juliet. They create marriage plans for the next day at nine and say goodnight to one another with a kiss.

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