Act 3 Scene 5

The Capulets  and the nurse are up in Juliet’s room, after Romeo has just left, telling her she will marry Paris that week on Thursday but Juliet refuses this request. Capulet is disgraced at this remark and tells Juliet he wants nothing to do with her if she doesn’t marry Paris on Thursday. ” I tell the what: get thee to church a’Thursday Or never after look me in the face”  but Juliet still denies his offer. As Capulet and Lady Capulet leave Juliet asks for the nurse’s advice on the situation and pretends to agree with considering marrying Paris, but inside she knows it will never happen and considers her options either marrying Paris or taking her own life. As the nurse and her parents were no help to her she decides to see Friar Lawrence for advice of choosing between the two painful options.

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