Macbeth Act 2

Macbeth Act 2

Act 2, Scene 1

On a dark moonless, and star lacking night, a wrestles Macbeth cannot sleep and bumps into Banquo and his son Fleance (holding a sword in protection of Macbeth’s plans to become king) who are also wondering round the castle. Under a fake act of friendliness they chat about the witches and plan to revisit the subject another time. Macbeth (alone) presents a soliloquy about how he is seeing a vision of a dagger, covered in blood, reaching toward him. “is this a dagger which I see before me, the handle toward my hand?”


Act 2, Scene 2

Macbeth goes off to murder king Duncan while Lady Macbeth drugs the guards. Macbeth returns from killing king Duncan and is paranoid and disturbed about is actions as he heard a voice inside his head telling him that he would never rest peacefully. Macbeth forgot to return the daggers and cover the guards with blood he the refuses to do so an angry Lady Macbeth does so herself. “Me thought I heard a voice cry, “sleep no more!,Macbeth does murder sleep, “”.“My hands are of your colour; but i shame to wear a heart so white,”  When last Macbeth returns a knocking I heard outside the door.


Act 2, Scene 3

Lady Macbeth has framed the guards by drugging them, covering them in Duncan’s blood and planting the daggers with them. Macduff is knocking at the gates with Lenox when the porter lets them in, Macbeth has ‘awakened’ from the knocking. After opening the courtyard door only to find King Duncan dead, Macduff reports his terrible discovery to Macbeth and Lenox. The two rush in and find the king’s dead body once again (for Macbeth). King Duncan’s sons, Malcolm and Donalbain are told of the death, suspecting it was the guards who killed he king, Banquo has his suspicions. Macbeth explains why he has killed the guards. Lady Macbeth plays dumb and pretends to faint. Duncan’s son’s Malcolm and Donalbain aside express their fears of danger. “why do we hold out tongues, that most may claim this argument for ours?”

Act 2, Scene 4

Malcolm plans to flee to England, Donalbain to Ireland. An old man and Rosse discuss the murder outside the castle. Macduff joins them, reporting that Duncan’s son’s have been accused of bribing the guards and that Macbeth has set off to be crowned as King.” They were suborned. Malcolm and Donalbain, the Kings two sons, are stol’n away and fled; which puts upon them suspicion of the deed.”

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